A Little About Me

Me & My Son
Me & My Son

Thats what I love most about photography, the way it can preserve precious memories forever just at the click of a button. Photography for me is an amazing way of remembering your big day, because after all, your cake will be eaten, your confetti blown away and your dress hung up, but your photos will be there forever. Thats whats important.

My Favorite Quote

Like many people, I seek inspiration in the thoughts and words of others.  So much wisdom is created over a lifetime of experience that I wish people could bottle it up and pass it along directly to others.  One way that wisdom is packaged is in the quotations codified and passed along by authors, scientists, sports figures, and others.  For years, I have kept a collection of quotations that inspire me.  Here are some of my favorite quotes:  “Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.” — Woody Allen  “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” — Wayne Gretzky

My Son Ojan

That’s my son

My meaning of Photographers whose not only “camera user” but who should be the imaginative person and has conceptual life also an unique photo style that is signature of lensman.

Most of the time in life, working, traveling its all about photo shooting and I started building a portfolio a few years ago to start my photography. It has always been my passion and goal to start a photography business. The beginning from own preference to become a dealing.

Relaxing after footing @Anantara Hua Hin
Relaxing after shooting @Anantara Hua Hin

About photography business

not only the composition and techniques needs to be correct, i believe that a good photo must have a punchline to it. My lens must capture that moment and tell the whole story through a single piece of paper, add-on customers impressive. All Photo shooting from heart & soul, it has never depends
on commercial advertisement to build my profile but has A vision to spread my artworks through true emotions, impressions and word of mouth from my past clients.

I believes that a photographer wanting to build a photography  business must keep learning, keep growing, keep researching and keep shooting. by doing so, he or she will understand the message that the customer or subject wants to portray and send out. Then becoming a good artist can be similar to becoming a successful business owner. a business owner will decide and know which steps to take next to have the right results, just like a photographer, he or she must know which f-stop, which ISO and which shutter speed to set on the camera to capture that one precious moment.