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Product photographer for eCommerce services & retail shops in the Bangkok, Thailand area for eCommerce services & retail shops. 6Corners Studio has a diverse group of people who have extensive business backgrounds – not just artistic flair.

With a full understanding of photography and business, we know what it takes to make your business successful throughout the world. our outstanding group with professional photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist and photo editor “retoucher” will reassure you with perfectly planed shoots and we always come with second plan and gears.

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      1. Melle Hamelynck says:

        Hello we are a fashion company. We are looking for a photographer / studio in Bangkok who can make our product pictures of our designs for our website. Just the product. Not on a model.
        Please let me know if you can do that.


      2. wxj0sy3a@gmail.com says:

        Thanks for the good article, I hope you continue to work as well.

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